Our services

Highway Specialty Co. provides equipment & services to handle your highway construction needs. From traffic control & planning, to sign board & truck rentals – we’re ready to support your next job, small or large.


We do everything from safety to construction. Have questions? Give us a call at (530) 949-5631


Traffic Control

We provide service for complete traffic control day and night. Whether it’s a two lane road or a multi-lane highway, our crews are fully trained and ready to go.


Signs & Installation

Sign production and installation is one of our specialties. Contact us for a sign quote and installation service.


Equipment Sales

Need traffic safety equipment or supplies for your next job? We supply everything from cones & signs to message boards & crash cushions. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next job.



Need to rent some equipment for your next job? We can deliver & setup. Call for more information (530) 949-5631

Featured services in focus

We’re available to help with all highway construction needs. Give us a call at (530) 949-5631


Highway Specialty Company provides your one stop shop for all Barrier needs. From Removal, Reconstruct, Concrete Barrier Transition, Concrete Weed Mat to a completely new installed system. Whether it would be the NCHRP 350 terminal to the New MASH compliant terminal and Crash Cushions, HSC pride’s itself in making sure it’s done correctly the first time.


Major Sign Installation

We install and support sign installations throughout California, from major highways to back roads. Our crews are known for their quality of work, professionalism on the job, and the importance they place on safety.

Board Rentals

Need sign boards? We deliver, maintain, and pickup throughout the state. Contact us for pricing and to arrange boards for your next project.


Why choose us?

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Projects done on time

We pride ourselves on our ability to execute projects within scope and to spec. By partnering with HSC for your projects, you rely on a provider who consistently delivers on-time.

Always available

Our office might close, but the work is never done. Our crews run 24-hours a day, and we are readily available when and if you need us.

Professional and responsible

It’s not just about getting the work done right and on-time – you want to work with someone you know and trust. You’ll always get professional service, and a responsible team.